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prescribe pills to offset the shakes.

2:00 pm. For some, it was when the workload was just getting its heaviest. For Troy, it's break time.

Not that juggling pills in his hand wasn't hard work. Especially when he had Laughton coming in from time to time to yell at him over his shoulder. The dizzying effect of the colorful pills in his hand coupled with Laughton's shrill warnings was enough for Troy to wish he had the night shift. Not that it would necessarily be a good thing; all medication was divvied out in the late afternoon.

He lined the pills out in front of him in size order, from lightest to darkest. He liked the pink ones especially; they were pretty and went well with his eyes.

He checked his wristwatch - approximately twenty-five minutes since Laughton last checked up on him. He was due for another visit soon, Troy thought. He gathered the pink pills in his hand, and swallowed them.

He was looking forward to it. Work was boring.

[OOC: And let the games begin! Open to all, especially Laughton. :P]
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